BT Livermore (they/them) was born in Minnesota in 1980, and has pretty much always been making or creating, something, anything, since childhood. In 2005, BT traded in six months of snow for six months of rain and moved out west to Portland, Oregon. Even after vowing they'd never go back to college again, BT graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art with a BFA degree in Illustration in May 2010; a nice addition to an earlier, AAS degree in Web Design from Minneapolis Community and Technical College from 2003. In 2016, BT packed up once again and headed for the mountainous enclave of Butte, Montana, where they currently reside.

Teaching and sharing their knowledge of various skills and tools plays a major factor in BT's creative life. They have worked as an adjunct instructor in the Graphic Design program at Portland State University, as well as the Professional & Technical Communication program at Montana Technological University. They are currently the manager of the Community Printmaking Studio at the Imagine Butte Resource Center, and teach art workshops whenever and wherever possible.

BT's professional skillset these days includes traditional sign painting and gold leaf work, other handmade lettering, illustration, logo design, and also screenprinting and letterpress printing. Beyond that, BT also dabbles in woodworking, furniture construction and restoration, and would love to tackle larger, site-specific projects in the near future. BT is also co-proprietor the Butte-based vintage shop, Long Haul Goods.

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